A community-based initiative since 2013 to safeguard a 5.6 acres (about 2.27 hectare) land which is an important wildlife corridor especially for elephant movement. It is adjacent to the Kinabatangan wildlife sanctuary, located within the lower Kinabatangan floodplain in the eastern part of Sabah (Malaysian Borneo).

Mursalin Abdullah, Land Owner

“My land is surrounded by wildlife sanctuary and I want to do my part to preserve it. It is my heritage. At the same time, I am also exploring ecotourism activities to incorporate that into my homestay programme. So, I approached Caroline of Indie Travellers to identify ecotourism potential in my land”.

Caroline Pang, Founder Of Indie Travellers

“We are not into mass tourism but small groups, to understand biodiversity as well as to observe and enjoy the moment of sightings of rare, endangered and endemic species. The Kinabatangan – Rasig project is a good collaboration to demonstrate how low impact and eco tourism can benefit nature, the environment and the community.”